Espresso Finishes – A perfect place for cabinet and furniture refinishing

kitchen cabinets refinishingsIf you do not wish to repair or rebuild the facing of your cabinets or furniture and if you do not wish to change their position, then undoubtedly, the best and most appropriate way to get your cabinets look new and better is refinishing or renovating them.

Given below are few points which strongly support this fact and eliminate the confusion in comparison of Refacing vs refinishing cabinets.

  • Efficient – It becomes quite cost-effective when you make use of your old cabinets. Also, less labor is involved in the process of refinishing. It is because the bulldozing and the deconstruction phases are not involved in the same, which is typically involved in re-facing of cabinets.
  • Non Protruding Process – As mentioned earlier, since there is no bulldozing or deconstruction, which is typically the case when refacing. Hence, the level of interference and breakdown in your kitchen is very low. The items can be left in the cabinets or drawers as they always remain, in the case of refinishing.
  • Dependable and Long Lasting Finish – To achieve a factory finish on your cabinets so that they look as good as new, the application of highly reliable and commercially high grade of coating is done to the cabinets. It not only give your cabinets a new look, but also makes it look better than your dated cabinets.
  • Eco-friendly Process and Maintains low VOC – Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic compounds that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature and they get sublimated to the surrounding air. These are also surely toxic in nature. In the complete process of refinishing, your entire house will remain safe and habitable. VOCs content would be as low as negligible, as no harmful odors and toxins are used in the material used for refinishing. This allows your family to be safe and our environment clean.


Why to choose Espresso Finishes?

Below are few points which should drive you to Espresso Finishes for refinishing tasks.

Unbeaten Quality

The team of experts in Espresso Finishes is extensively experienced in the field of decorative art and refinishing furniture and cabinets. They provide you the best of their artisanship which is unbeaten in terms of quality and artistic and creative values.

Ingenious Design

Espresso Finishes are a team of creative and passionate people who provide you with the ingenious and prolific designs and that is key to their success.

Innovative Techniques

Experts provide you with the most innovative and cutting edge techniques which will keep you intact with the most recent trends in style and process. You will not find any difficulty in getting the trendiest design for your cabinets and furniture.

A Promise to enhance your greatest assets

Espresso Finishes promises to improve your greatest asset – your home, with their matchless and creative ideas of furniture and cabinet refinishing. This is why it is named as Espresso Finishes, a team that flips the look and feel of dated cabinets and furniture.

You can avail the services in the entire Tampa and Florida region. So what are you waiting for? We are looking forward to exceed your expectation. Espresso Finishes awaits your call on our official number or email on