Need a cleaning specialist in Melbourne?

cleaning specialistBC Cleaning Specialist is a very well-known family owned business in Melbourne, Australia. It is popular and they are specialized in almost all areas of cleaning for over 25 years. BC Cleaning Specialist guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, as they provide proper service to their customers. BC Cleaning Specialist aims for customer satisfaction, since they place the needs of their customers first.

BC Cleaning offers reliable and prompt services at all times. Along with these, their services are professional and quite affordable too. The services are free as there is no obligation quotes. Also 10% pensioner discounts are available. The employees working under BC Cleaning Specialist are checked thoroughly and verified by police and also they are fully trained.

The services provided by BC Cleaning Specialist are the following.

  • High Pressure Cleaning – This cleaning helps to remove cobwebs, mould, dust and spiders. An extra service provided is citronella cleaning. This type of cleaning helps to prevent mosquito breeding along with other types of spiders and bugs. This cleaning is applicable to board homes, roofs, gutters, driveways and pathways, fencing and industrial and factory lots.
  • Window Cleaning – Window cleaner Eltham involves cleaning windows and removing silicon, concrete, hand prints, black mould, dust, cobwebs, bugs, dog/cat marks and bird droppings. Along with these services citronella cleaning is applied to window frames outside to prevent bugs and spiders. In case of internal or external window cleaning, their specialization includes corporate buildings, domestic properties (single and double storey), builders cleans and factories and industrial properties. Along with these, their specialization includes Louvre windows, Bi-fold windows, colonial windows, sliding windows, eaves, window frames and tracks.
  • Domestic Cleaning – This cleaning provides the cleaning service to the whole house. BC Cleaning Specialist is aware of all type of family needs and tries to fulfill their needs. Along with these parameters, BC Cleaning Specialist uses environmentally friendly products and they also use industrial strength products. The staffs working are fully experienced and are verified by police. BC Cleaning Specialists area of specialization are air conditioners, ceiling fans, bathrooms, walls, kitchens, ovens, range hoods, ducts, grouts , carpets , blinds and steam cleaning.
  • Gutter Cleaning – This includes of carefully cleaning the gutters and removing dirt and waste or dirty water. This service is available for household, commercial and industrial lots, corporate area and many more
  • Garden Maintenance – This work includes cleaning of unwanted shrubs or tress growing along the fence. This service is available for homes having their personal garden, school gardens, parks and many more.
  • Commercial/Industrial Cleaning – This type of cleaning includes clearing of ducts from polluted waste. Along with this, cleaning dirty window panes, eaves, window frames and many more essential machine parts.
  • Rubbish Removal – Removing unwanted waste and rubbish is very important. The employees of BC Cleaning Specialist are experts in this area. This service is available for household, commercial and industrial areas where cleaning or removal of rubbish is very important and highly required as such.