Polished Concrete Floors In Your Home Or Office

Polished Concrete FloorsFor many contractors, polished concrete has become a better option flooring material which resulted from the latest advancements in the way floor surfaces are being polished and with what kinds of equipment. You no longer need to wax or apply coatings on your floorings; your flooring surfaces can come to a sparkling finish. Since concrete can be quite durable, it became a great alternative to marble, tiles, granite, linoleum and coated concrete. Whether at work, buildings or offices and even at homes, the trend is to use polished concrete.

While polished concrete is more associated with commercial spaces and basements, they are now being used and preferred in the flooring surfaces of residential houses. Recent developments allow concrete to be sealed and stained to improve its aesthetics; making it a great alternative to marble, slate and granite without costing too much. The physical properties can compete with the other flooring finishes. And so, polished concrete has become a popular choice for flooring services. The following are some of the advantages of using polished concrete.

Since people are getting more conscious of the environment, they have been starting to incorporate the use of polished concrete for a good reason into the sustainable houses that they are building. The environmental influence of sealed concrete is rather low. Most homes are usually built on existing concrete slabs. Just sanding and sealing those concrete already eliminate the need to add or cover the flooring with expensive materials which contribute to the many environmental concerns. Moreover, sanding and finishing a concrete surface does not cause too much pollution than when you use other flooring materials. While other flooring materials could pollute the surroundings and thus can cause adverse health issues, sanding and finishing concrete floors only have a low level of volatile organic compounds which tend to give off the lesser amount of pollution. Furthermore, there are no irritating odors that could affect the quality of air inside the house.

While polished concrete has been made sustainable, concrete is also the cheapest among different flooring options available. Concrete is already preinstalled in the majority of homes since houses are made of concrete slabs. Other finishes laid on top of it include tiles, vinyl, timber and carpets. While concrete is just a second to bare earth when it comes to initial outlay. Additionally, the reflective surface of the polished concrete helps illuminate the interior of the house and thus help lower expenses for interior lighting and gives a cooler atmosphere during the summer helping reduce the cooling expenses as well.

Typically, ordinary flooring surfaces require rigid cleaning. For instance, carpets need to be vacuumed; wood floors need to be waxed and marble floors need specific cleaners because they easily scuff.  Polished concrete almost do not scuff and get stained, you just need to mop it as needed. This also saves you time, effort and cleaning expenses too.

In fact, polished concrete floorings are among the most durable in the entire world because they can last up to over a century.  Concrete is not influenced by moisture or by termites and it lets the floor breathe unlike other flooring materials, which can rot and absorb moisture resulting in costly repairs or replacements.

Though there are plenty of options when it comes to treatments and stains. They can avoid using the wet look of polished concrete by using penetrating sealers which are silicon based. You can stamp the concrete to make it look like wooden planks as well as it can also be possible to make them look like tiles.