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interior designersDecorating a house with the help of interior designers is the dream of every house owner. Interior designing helps to change the entire look of a house. All kinds of project management, interior decorations, building design and interior design are offered by a well-known full service design studio and interior designers in Melbourne named Christopher Elliot Design.

Interior architecture projects with a clean state and optimism are approached by the professional interior designers of Christopher Elliot Design. The works of this renowned design studio are unique and help to enhance the beauty and elegance of your house. They have a passion for design and like to think quite differently. These are shared by the talented and multi-disciplined team of interior designers at Christopher Elliot Design. So, they guarantee to offer you the best results in terms of whatever work are put before them. The whole team of this design studio work together to offer your house a whole new look.

Some of the unique projects of Christopher Elliot Design are given as follows –

  • Albert Park Townhouse

Albert Park was originally a three level townhouse. It was one of the parts of a large corner Victorian building of 1900 AD. An extensive renovation was needed by it so that some of the unused spaces could be used in a better way. There was a limitation of natural light. It was made imperative to open up the interior areas of the building. The bay views were expanded by a source of inspiration for the interior design. A calming palette of grey and blue was resulted in by the extensive efforts of all the interior designers of Christopher Elliot Design.

  • Templestowe House

Templestowe House was a house of 1970s with its beautiful surroundings gardens. The location of this house was amongst the rolling hills of Templestowe. Though it was located at a prime location, but this house had outdated rooms and a shabby and dull interior. A complete overhaul of the disjointed internal architecture was required by it so that continuity could be brought. Christopher Elliot Design took the interior of Templestowe House to a whole new level and the advantage of the pool and centrally located courtyard was taken by the interior designers. After the completion of interior designing, most of the rooms had the view of pool and garden.

  • Alphington House

A newly built three bathrooms and four bedroom house was involved in this project of Alphington House. As the entire team of Christopher Elliot Design had a late involvement in this challenging project, so they had very limited scope and time. However, a cohesive luxe scheme that elevated the level open plan design was managed by the professional interior designers of Christopher Elliot Design. These experienced interior designers created a strong palette of grey and black to compliment its look. They also kept the joinery elements simple yet classy, in order to offer this house a unique touch of elegance and beauty.

So, if you are planning to have interior designing to your house, contact Christopher Elliot Design today to get an outstanding result.