Steven Spinner’s Profile

Steven Spinner's profileSteven Spinner is a highly experienced and widely reputed San Francisco based business executive. He devotes the bulk of his time in the formulation and implementation of various economic frameworks in both the public and private sectors. His has a long and inspiring profile.

Steven Spinner’s Profile

Since his days at Wesleyan University, where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in BA (Economics and Classics), Mr. Spinner has always played a leading role in the crafting and implementation of some of the world’s most inspiring business concepts. He has played a pivotal role in the introduction of various multi-faceted ideas that have led to huge changes in various aspects of management consulting and financing.

Spinner is a lifelong athlete. He was actually a member of the Wesleyan University track and field’s team. It’s the love for healthy competition and commitment that he learned while taking part in athletics that ignited a burning entrepreneurial spirit in him. Not long after completing his undergraduate studies, he took up a task that many at his age would find difficult to accomplish- facilitating sponsorship sales and television rights for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

Steven, a respectable MBA graduate from the Harvard School of Business, boasts over 15 years of firsthand experience in corporate mentorship. He has inspired many through his ideologies and works. He is a reputed public speaker. In the recent past, he has delivered a myriad of inspiring speeches.

His rich pot of skills never runs dry, in his wide-ranging career, he has breathed a new sense of life to over 45 start-up companies. In fact, he is currently concentrating on 10 start-ups-as an adviser on various start-up issues. He is one of the huge forces behind prominent thinking and efficient resource utilization today.

His current career revolves between two big names-Silicone Valley and Angel Investment. His rich tips and inspirational actions have seen the two firms achieve great achievements in the recent past.

One of his most outstanding displays of wholesomeness and passion of social well-being was vividly painted when he came out strongly in support of President Obama’s quest for presidency in 2008 and 2012. He has always devoted his time, expertise and financial muscle to oversee a paradigm shift in the running of global and national matters.

He is a man who puts the world’s interest before self. He advocates for clean energy and economic empowerment policies. In fact, he once served as a stimulus adviser for the US department of energy where devised various ways to deal with Americas economic woes.

He has established himself as a pillar in the fields of technology, media and retail business.

One of his noteworthy selfless achievements is a California based sports facility- Sports Potential- that provides sports mentorship to local children. Through this center, he has inspired many young children to exploit their sports skills.

Steven Spinner’s career has seen him achieve milestone feats in his life. Not only has he made huge strides in his exponential rise to professionalism and expertise, but also he has successfully imparted change on the global society.