What is water jet cutting?

water jet cuttingNowadays, the modern man is surrounded by different advanced technologies. These technologies reduce human efforts and gift a comfortable and peaceful life. Waterjet cutting machine is one of such examples.

The water cut is a method by which it is possible to cut numerous materials using highly pressurized water jet more efficiently. There are basically two types of Waterjet cutting methods. One is pure and another is abrasive. Pure waterjet is used in the cutting of soft materials whereas abrasive waterjet machine is used to cut hard materials. The materials that can be cut and sized in plates by this machine are glass, rubber, ceramics, marble, foams, titanium, brass, bronze, stones, concrete, aluminum, titanium, and different types of alloy/super alloys. This machine has a wide application in aerospace and mining industries.


There are several characteristics of this machine mentioned below:-

  • In this machine, the entire technology is controlled by the computer.
  • To cut fabric, special software is used.
  • A very high velocity and small steam of water is created by the pump of this machine.
  • The pressure and the radius of the jet should be adjusted to improve the cutting speed.
  • The high-pressure water jet acts as a sharp knife and solid device.

Components of Waterjet and its operation

The main components and their working procedure of maquinado con chorro de agua are given below.

  • Pump – Generally, the older, more complex hydraulic intensifier pump or the new, advanced and simpler crankshaft-driven triplex plunger pump is used in this machine. The crankshaft pumps are more efficient than older intensifier pumps. This high- pressure pump produces a flow of pressurized water for the cutting process.
  • Abrasive Waterjet Nozzle – Almost all abrasive Waterjet nozzles use the fundamental operating principle of the aspiration nozzle. The pressurized water passes through a small diameter orifice inside the nozzle and builds a coherent jet of water. After that, the jet passes through a venture section where a metered amount of granular abrasive is drawn into the water stream.
  • X-Y Traverse system – An accuracy X-Y Traverse system is applied to move the nozzle to make the desired cutting path.
  • PC-based controller – Advanced motion controllers for this Waterjet machines are PC-based and allow production of accurate parts with operator experience.
  • Articulated cutting head – This computer controlled multi-axis can be used to automatically diminish taper for precise vertical cuts.
  • Catcher tank and abrasive hopper.

Prosperities of using a water jet

  • Cut hard materials like leather and plastic efficiently.
  • No excess heat.
  • Ability to cut almost all materials.
  • High cutting speed.
  • Easy to use.
  • As there is no solid knife, no sharpening is needed.
  • Low sound of cutting.

Reasons to take services from Smartcuts

There are some exceptional reasons for turning to Smartcuts for cutting materials by water jet. They are –

  • They are specialist in this technology.
  • They provide services of high quality as well as precision.
  • They cut almost all type of materials.
  • They work for aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.
  • Affordable rates.
  • They use advanced machines.
  • They cite in less than 16 working hours.

So, water jet cutting technology is very flexible and it reduces human efforts in case of cutting both, hard and soft materials.