What you need to know about a swimming pool pump?

swimming pool pumpIn a swimming pool, a hydraulic pump which is used to control the flow of water is known as a swimming pool pump. There are different varieties of pumps for different swimming pools. For example, there are above ground pools and in ground pools. In case of above ground pools, they require pumps which have less power because a small amount of force and energy is enough to control the flow of water within the area. However, with in ground pools the requirement is of high power pumps as more energy is required to pull and push the water, which may even be in thousands of gallons. The bottom line is nothing works without a pump though.

You can build the biggest and fanciest pool, which has imported ties from Italy or decorate it with floating rafts and a gushing fountain, but without this particular pump, your pool will be short of everything. This kind of a pump basically keeps your pool clean and fresh. The pool pump you buy will depend on a lot of aspects such as the type and size of your swimming pool. Thus these pumps meant to be used in swimming pools come in a number of shapes and sizes.

Now you must be thinking why is a pool pump so important? The answer is basically simple. It is important because it keeps your pool clean of dirt by continuous filtration process. Through the skimmer container, the water is pulled out of the pool and sent to the selection system from where clean water is released back to the pool. These pool pumps are provided with a forcing chamber that holds back sticks, toys and leaves. These holders are of different shapes like square, rectangular, open or closed.

Just so that you buy the correct equipment, make sure you specifically know how many gallons of water your pool can carry, before you order for pool equipment. Most of the pumps designate the quantity of water it can pump either by moment or by constant. In general you will likely run the pool pump for 6 to 8 hours per day.

As far as pricing is concerned, a good pool pump can cost anything between $100 and $700. A good model will cost you a bit more, but is totally worth spending as the efficiency of the pump is larger thus reducing energy consumption while running. So it’s basically up to you to choose what seems best. Another factor you must also take into consideration is the age of the selection process. Always check for the vitality efficiency of the unit to make sure you are buying the best pump model. Irrespective of how effective the pump is, an old model cannot filter your water properly. So be really careful while selecting your pump for the swimming pool.

Aquatek pumps for swimming pools have been a prominent name in the market space. They are known to be very efficient and are designed especially to operate in the harsh Australian climate. They offer good running and use power effectively. They are also suitable for all types of pools and spas. You are also likely to get a very good discount in the Discount Pool Shop. Therefore, this can be an ideal choice for you.